The Brazilian-born composer, producer and sound designer, Amon Tobin has an interesting career spanning across a multitude of genres. From sophisticated breakbeat, jazz, orchestral and a hard-hitting tempest of percussions to scoring ‘Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, Amon Tobin has become a pioneer of electronic music and sound design. 

A lot of Tobin’s earlier work focused on reordering/manipulating samples of break beats, jazz and blues from his personal vinyl collection. Using audio manipulation methods he altered samples into faster multifaceted patterns, leaving the original source unidentifiable and in a new perspective. These days, his work is a pantheon of abstract layers of synthetic sounds, a menace of sweeping melodies and compellingly expressive sound in small pockets of sculpted pandemonium bursting to get out.

In 2011 Tobin developed a live show in support of the album ‘ISAM‘ fitting his criteria for a performance that is both live and purely electronic. The show incorporates new video mapping methods that are projected onto a large cubic structure from which Tobin performs. A literal assault on the audio visual senses!